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Alternative Strategies for the Handicapped (ASTHA)

A large number of persons and children with disabilities reside in the urban slums and resettlement colonies of Delhi, and belong to migrant families engaged in unskilled work and are employed in the unorganized sectors. This is the vulnerable population often left behind during a humanitarian crisis. It is with these persons and children with disabilities residing in the urban slums and resettlement colonies of Okhla, Tughlakabad, Govindpuri etc. in Delhi that ASTHA has been working with for their rehabilitation for three decades now.

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Army Navy Air Force Wives Activity Trust (ANAWA)

ANAWA Trust is a not-for-profit organization in the field of education since 1994. The target beneficiaries are the children of families with low income, migrant daily wageworkers, petty vendors, domestic help, rickshaw pullers and the like. The trust runs classes from LKG to Class VIII, and thereafter ensures that most students leaving after Class VIII complete their Class X & XII exams through NIOS.

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Aseema Charitable Trust

Aseema Charitable Trust is a non-governmental organization established in 1997 with a mandate to protect and promote human rights of underprivileged children. We see education as a right of every child and as an instrument of change; we recognize the urgency with which quality education must be made available to all. The word ‘Aseema’ means limitless. This is how we view the child’s potential – as a great strength that can soar in the right environment. We strive to create that environment and sustain a nurturing relationship with every child.

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ASHA Foundation

ASHA Foundation was established in 1998. At that time, the global HIV/AIDS pandemic was at its height and there was concern that India was going to be the next flash point after Africa. There was also intense stigma and discrimination towards HIV population. So, ASHA Foundation was established by two doctors to complement the government’s efforts and contribute to it.

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Ashray Akruti

Ashray Akruti, a voluntary organization, has been working for the people with disability since 1996 with an aim to improve the lives of people with disability and other marginalized sections of society. The organization strongly believes in the potential of persons with disability and envisions a society where people with disability lead a life of dignity as equal citizens with equitable access to opportunities and services.


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Association for the Welfare of Persons with a Mental Handicap – AWMH

AWMH-Maharashtra is one of the first parents’ associations in India, initiating the Parents Movement for the acceptance, welfare, and rehabilitation of their children. Started initially as a place for counseling parents devastated with the birth of a child with intellectual disability, and guiding them over to acceptance and empowerment, AWMH has grown into an institution, administering therapy to around 100 children with neuro-developmental delay every month at its Early Intervention Centers.

Association of People with Disabilities (APD)


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Association of People with Disabilities (APD)

APD was founded as an NGO in Karnataka in 1959, working for equality, dignity, and justice for People with Disabilities (PWD). It was founded by a visionary polio-afflicted woman, Late Ms. N. S. Hema, whose aim was to empower persons with disability to become active, contributing members of society.


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C. R. Ranganathan Residential School for Deaf (Shri Sadguru Saibaba Seva Trust)

With the aim to help needy, poor, and hard of hearing children, to establish equality for all religions and to educate, develop, and to rehabilitate the hard of hearing children, Shri. V. B. Patole, the Chairman with his kind efforts started, C. R. Ranganathan Residential School for Deaf in 1993.

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Community Educational Centre Society (CECS)

Community Educational Center Society (CECS) is an organization that mostly emphasized working with marginalized children at the very grassroots level. The primary focus of the organization is to bring lasting changes and to bring complete transformation in the lives of those children. CECS, in line with such intentions, works in partnership with like-minded organizations and well-wishers for better sensitization and effective implementation of the task. As part of its mission, CECS is implementing and monitoring 15 Informal Education for Marginalized Children (IEMC) Centers, which are supported by WIPRO Cares.


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Dnyangangotri Pratishthan

Dnyangangotri Pratishthan is a registered religious institution working for the rehabilitation of mentally retarded children. Dnyangangotri was established in 2001. Research in slum areas in Pune found that many mentally challenged children of such communities are deprived of education. The founder of the organization worked hard to form a group for them and started Dynangangotri, which brings together a group of society deprived of basic needs.

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04/01/2017 - On Going

Fourth Wave Foundation

Over the last decade and half, Fourth Wave Foundation has been taking up social issues and turning them into innovation challenges, working with multi-stakeholders to address the divides and inequalities that exist in and around us. Our key areas of focus include: Education, Empowerment, Ethics and Inclusion. While the team has successfully executed many programs, two of them – Nanagu Shaale and Project VENDA – have evolved considerably to deliver significant and lasting impact to the community.