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About Dnyangangotri Pratishthan

Dnyangangotri Pratishthan is a registered religious institution working for the rehabilitation of mentally challenged children. Dnyangangotri was established in 2001. Research in slum areas in Pune found that many mentally challenged children of such communities are deprived of education. The founder of the organization worked hard to form a group for them and started Dynangangotri, which brings together a group of society deprived of basic needs. The organization is registered under The Institution Registration Act 1860 with registration number Maharashtra/1179/Pune on 6/8/2004 and under Public Trust Act 1950 with number F 19938/Pune on 15/03/2005.

Approach to Education

The school teaches courses from first to fourth grade according to the intellectual score of the students. Through this test, the characters adjusted behavioral dimension is used to make the progress of children. Students are taught under the guidance of specially trained teachers. In addition to educating these children, teachers, social workers and psychologists have been appointed to take care of the guidance and rehabilitation of children.

Initially, the school functioned in Manikbagh, Pune for a few years and then, in Hingne locality of the same city. In 2008, the school’s location was shifted to Dhayari village Raikar, and even today, it functions from the same campus. Today, the institution has a capacity of educating 50 children. It has 15 girls and 35 boys. The girls are aged between 6-13 years and the boys are 6-18 years.

New approaches adopted in response to COVID

The most devastating impact of COVID-19 on the organization has been that financial support to the organization has been adversely affected. Parents of the children have also been facing many mental and financial difficulties due to the children living in the house right now. During this period, an online teachers’ training program for the school for pre-vocational programs was conducted. During online training for children, some children living in inaccessible parts face difficulties due to lack of network, internet, smartphones and more. Due to lack of support in online training of some of parents, the educational level of those children is seen to be low.

Outreach Summary # Frequency/Mode/Nature of Engagement
Number of schools directly worked in 1 Dnyangangotri Pratishthan
Number of schoolteachers directly engaged with on a regular, ongoing basis 12 Daily ½ hr. on WhatsApp
Number of schoolteachers directly engaged through workshops/training 12 Daily ½ hr. on  WhatsApp
Number of children directly engaged with, in schools on a regular, ongoing basis 50 Daily 2 hr. on WhatsApp
Number of children directly engaged with, in schools through workshops/events 50


Plans for Next 1-3 Years:

  • Setting up of vocational workshops for the rehabilitation of mentally weak children after the age of 18 years.
  • Raising a well-planned building of the organization
  • Raising old age building for senior citizens

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