The ‘how-tos’ of language and literacy

Perspectives to help individuals and organisations imagine relevant practices in classrooms

The Early Literacy Initiative (ELI) was a project anchored by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and funded by the Tata Trusts, to actively build the domain of Literacy and Language education in India. Over the last three years, the ELI team endeavoured to create a set of resources useful to practitioners working in the domain of early language, literacy and literature. The team created five themes, based on which, approximately 45 original blog pieces were written by practitioners and scholars knowledgeable about that theme. An annotated bibliography was also created for each theme, totalling nearly 145 annotations across the five themes. The blog pieces and the bibliographies are largely perspective building, albeit written in simple, accessible English. To disseminate these materials, ELI has collated the five thematic resources in the form of Resource Books.

The Early Literacy Initiative’s Practitioner Briefs (PB) are a collection of “how-tos” for people working in the field. Teachers, teacher educators and NGO staff often struggle with operationalising theoretical ideas that they read about. Certain ideas may sound interesting or useful – but are they implementable in Indian settings? How can we implement them? The Practitioner Brief series draws upon theoretical perspectives to help individuals and organisations to imagine relevant practices in classrooms. A total of 21 briefs are compiled into seven thematic booklets.

While the online resources are openly and freely available to practitioners, Eklavya Publications is publishing and disseminating the print versions.

Links to download the resources

Resource Books:

Practitioner Brief Booklets:

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