Guidelines for Reopening of Schools – AHPI & GCCMC Insights and Resources and Resources

The core of a library rests with the collection. We know that the books that inhabit our library space are the tests that will deliver on all the promises

There are various categories in Children’s Books Awards from India. Some of the Award categories are Picture Book – Illustrator and Story, Best

The selection of books listed below are recommendations from the Bookworm team for the primary and elementary age groups. There are books on different

Bookworm has made an attempt to list some Book Publishers of Children’s books in India for easy access and curation of books. This list is not complete

A list of wordless books by Indian and Non-Indian publishers below gives an opportunity to enter into the story to everyone irrespective of age. The list

For the purpose of our discussion here, let’s define the ‘capacity’ of an NGO as, “the ability (a wide range of capabilities, knowledge, and resources)

As part of the biodiversity module of the Wipro Sustainability Educator program, children of the Kyari Eco club have released a booklet titled ‘Birds

Storybooks are meant for enjoyment, so why do we need to plan for using them? In most instances this question is valid, however, in the act of using storybooks

Perspectives to help individuals and organisations imagine relevant practices in classrooms The Early Literacy Initiative (ELI) was a project anchored

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