Wipro’s recognition in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (World)

Wipro’s recognition in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (World)

Wipro has been selected as a member of the global Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI) – 2020, for the eleventh year in succession – the only company from India with an unbroken track record since 2010.

Wipro is one of 10 other IT Services companies, and amongst 323 companies across sectors chosen to be part of the DJSI (World) constituents for the year 2020-21. Additionally, it is also one of only two IT Services companies to be included in the DJSI (Emerging Markets).

According to S&P Global, the nature of corporate value creation is changing at an incredibly fast pace, as social responsibility continues to gain attention as a critical factor for longer-term business success. Companies participating in the Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) have long understood this trend and the importance of considering the Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria in their business strategies. By reporting key sustainability metrics and benchmarking their performance on a range of industry-specific issues, companies participating in the CSA have demonstrated dedication to the highest standards of ESG reporting and action planning.

The DJSI combine S&P DJI’s transparent rules-based index methodology with robust data from SAM’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), an annual evaluation of companies’ sustainability practices. Each year, SAM evaluates more than 7,300 companies around the world. Furthermore, 2020 saw a record 19% increase in the number of companies actively completing the CSA which consists of a rigorous questionnaire assessing both public and non-public data submitted by participants. In all, 3429 of the largest companies globally were invited to participate based on the DJSI eligibility criteria this year, wherein CSA participants represented 33% of the global market cap (1386 companies). For the index, DJSI assessed 80% of the global market cap (all invited companies).

Sustainability is much more than programs at Wipro – it is a core responsibility to which we have committed ourselves because of the values we hold, and it is infused throughout our company culture in how we make decisions and run our businesses. Read Note.