Creating intellectual and social spaces in cities

Public places for the arts, sports, theatre, etc., in cities, promote social integrity, inclusion, democracy, and foster civic responsibility. ‘Cities & Public Spaces’ became a part of our 2018 CSR charter and consequently led to us supporting the Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) and Bangalore International Center (BIC).

On February 2023, Bengaluru’s MAP Museum of Art & Photography opened with one of India’s best South Asian art collections. The 44,000-square-foot MAP building has five galleries, a 130-seat theatre, a library with substantial study material on Indian art and culture, a café, and a restaurant. MAP also has a library called “Wipro Library” with rare art and history books across two floors.

Wipro Foundation also supported the Bangalore International Center (BIC) in 2018 to promote socially inclusive, culturally active, and democratic urban public spaces.